Earth Day 2019

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Earth day is celebrated April 22nd. Making the smallest change to your daily routine can make a huge difference. Here at Garber, we do our part by being a paperless office and encouraging staff to reduce their plastic use by using reusable water bottles and shopping bags. What you may not realize is making environmentally friendly adjustments in your everyday life that can positively affect your insurance premium.

Many insurance companies use the number of miles you drive as a factor when figuring out your auto insurance premium. Changing your commute by using mass transit, walking or biking can reduce your carbon footprint as well as shrink your mileage and therefore reducing your car insurance!

If you’re a homeowner, check your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure that you are properly covered if you are trying to make your home US Green Building Council or LEED compliant. Standard homeowner’s policies may not cover the costs of replacing your upgrades. Confirm that your homeowner’s policy specifically provides replacement to that same environmental level to avoid paying out of pocket costs to reach the same standards. If you’re a renter, you can switch to energy efficient light bulbs and appliances as well as non-toxic cleaning products while trying to make your home greener. Small changes can make huge impacts for our environment.