“I have found that the one thing you cannot pay someone to do is to care about you and your interests. Either they do (in rare cases) or they don’t. Over the years and in many different ways, you have shown that you care about my interests and the partnership I run. You have made me know by your caring and your actions that you are on my side and in my corner, and won my confidence and trust in doing so. In the process, you have also won my loyalty on behalf of your agency.”

- A letter to a staff member from Mr. Myles Arbor, client since 1995

“Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the help you have given us with our Auto, Umbrella and most recently our Florida Insurance…You have done a GREAT JOB for us. If you worked closer to us we would take you out for lunch.”

- A letter to a staff member from Ms. Nancy Mitchell, client since 1998

“I am writing this letter to let you know what a pleasure it is dealing with you. When most people have to speak to Insurance Company’s they cringe but not with you. You have been very helpful and prompt with returning my calls and answering my questions with professionalism. I consider you an asset to this Insurance Company and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

- A letter to a staff member from Barbara Schnautz, client since 1996

“I find it imperative to send you this note telling you of the wonderful job that your office staff has done in getting our Auto Policy active and the renewal of the Building and Business policy. We were able to complete all the transactions with much time to spare. We were very impressed and wanted you to know about the very efficient and professional service that was rendered by your company.”

- Written to GAF management from Client Sam Williams of Duraspec Electroplating, client since 1999