Products and Services

Garber Atlas Fries & Associates, Inc. is proud of its in-house, personalized, and efficient underwriting and claims service, which is the cornerstone of any modern and successful agency. We employ a staff of dedicated, skilled, and technically trained personnel, whose primary focus is to properly service each client. In order to achieve and maintain this superior level of service and attention, the Agency is organized in specific departments supervised by competent professionals who are responsible for the successful management of each account. Although every department operates in a quasi-autonomous manner, there is continual networking and information-sharing. Management emphasizes professionalism above all, and encourages and supports the continuing education and retraining of its staff.

The Agency is a true full-service insurance facility which offers its clients the practicality of virtual one-stop shopping. The Agency provides a complete range of products and protection for your:

  • Business or Commercial Enterprise (read more)
  • Personal Lifestyle (read more)
  • Health, Life, Disability Income, Long Term Care and Related Financial Matters (read more)

With our experienced management, dedicated producers, and professional staff, Garber Atlas Fries & Associates, Inc. is unique in its approach to the conduct of insurance business. The Agency has proved through its long history that success can be enjoyed without compromising service, skill, or integrity, and that the client's insurance selection process will often times be pleasant and cost-effective.